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    « Depot 62 - Place to eat, buy furnishings and celebrate simplicity of food and life | Main | Spring is here! Even if the grounds paint another picture.... »

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010


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    The brioche dough is SO easy, done Zoe's way, and is incredibly delicious. To make anything at all with her dough has you immediately planning what you will try next. Your photos really do justice!

    Lorraine Neal

    I, too, am not usually a fan of the sweet pastry, but these sticky buns are so melt-in-your-mouth light, tender, nutty, and delicious...who can resist! Zoe is a shining star and, as her mother, I feel I can say that with some authority.

    The photos are fabulous!


    Wow, spoken by mom to her daughter! That is a wonderful compliment. At a recent cooking event with Suvir, both he and Charlie spoke most highly to all of us about Zoe's wonderful book. I can't wait to order the book (and one for my sis for her b-day) and begin cooking some of her wonderful recipes...especially this one (sticky buns are one of my favorites) and homemade pizza dough...

    The pix of the buns here are fabulous too. These look to be of a diminutive size which I prefer and also NOT too sweet. It is quality, not quantity after all.
    And pecans...well as a southern girl from Texas would say, " I just luvvvv pecans y'awl !"

    suvir saran

    Bonnie, you will LOVE these pecan sticky buns and you will LOVE them because they are sweet enough to be perfectly tasty. And they are small enough that you will not be too full if you eat a second. Zoe is a masterful breadmaker and mother and friend. We have much to learn from her. She inspires me everytime I see her. And she makes me more of a Zoe addict after every visit with her. She is special beyond words and gifted more than one could imagine any single human being to be.

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