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Sunday, July 08, 2007


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May I de-lurk for a minute to just say OMG - Fabulous! Loved "Indian Home Cooking" and can't wait to see what other ideas you're cooking up!



Thanks Smita!

All I can say is that I hope to enjoy the kitchen a great deal, but also promise never to lose touch with the very modest reality I have endured as far as kitchens go for over a decade.

It is that which has given me all my passion for cooking and to keep it as home-style as possible but never fussy or drama-ridden.

I hope you enjoy American Masala. It had the household, friends that are close to me and family members gripped in it's web for a few years now, and with Raquel, my co-writer, at my side, it seems the book found great strength, clarity and ease.

As I have traveled this last year, I have slipped a few recipes into every menu I have shared, taught or demonstrated, and the recipes have tested, delighted and stood my own test and that of others.

Whilst Indian Home Cooking was a home-sick boy's answer to not finding simple fare easily in the US, this book brings the recipes that we Indian and American's of the 21st century are happy to call ours. It cherry-picks recipes from cultures across the globe, recipes that have become American because of the people that call America their home. These recipes are at once home here in the US as they are in lands seas and oceans away from these shores.

Your kind words about Indian Home Cooking mean a lot to me. I always announce in my classes that it is the support, trust and encouragement given me by kind strangers such as yourself, which keeps me going and always ready to invest more time and energy into the sometimes tedious world of recipe testing and documenting.

Cooking is easy, especially it seems to us Desis from across the Sub-Continent. What our books and culinarians have missed often is the sharing of details that can make a cuisine doable even if learned through antlines in a book. That is what pushed me to leave everything and get into cooking. And that promise I made to myself, is what has kept my love in this business going.

Stephanie and Raquel are owed equal credit for any praise, you and others send me through praise given to Indian Home Cooking and if given to American Masala. Any faults and shortcomings, should only be ascribed to me. I would be remiss to not state this and ensure they get credit for their hard work and outstanding contributions to the world of cooking. They have invested invaluable time documenting a cuisine foreign to them, whilst never compromising their standards. And never feeling that changes be made to how they document recipes, in dealing with a cuisine that is often at crossroads with what is considered the norm in the worlds of French, Italian, American and other more familiar cuisines.

Thanks for de-lurking!

What are you cooking these summer days?


wow...its simply superb...very pleasing environment...



That's a cool kitchen. A well equipped kitchen is a great thing.


Thanks Srivalli and Gini!
most kind of you.
It is still being worked on.
Will post more sometime later.


Stunning kitchen Suvir!


Stunning kitchen, Suvir! Wonderful!


Hello Suvir, thats a lovely kitchen you have there:) I was reading through most of your posts, the pics have come out very well. I love the idea of staying in a farmhouse, seeing yours is tempted me even more:) Please continue posting more pics :)

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