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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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WOW! Your photos are amazing! I especially love the presentation of the meal - all those lovely little covered dishes, each concealing such wonderful surprises.


That is what is most impressive about dining in Japan. It is not just tastes and flavors you discover, but you also find yourself enjoying an array of dishes. All chosen with care, to bring utmost pleasure. And to increase the enjoyment of the foods they carry, conceal or elevate to new levels.


Very sexy meal! Egg with rose (yuba?) is amazing!


gorgeous pictures.. the colors and decorations are amazing. i don't care for yuba kaiseki myself but it looks like this one was a special meal!

yes, japanese are bad environmentally with those wooden chopsticks. people started carrying their own around recently to be 'green'..


Thanks Hiroko! You are the queen of making food sexy. Everything you touch becomes edible poetry. I still remember the elegance of the meal you prepared us at your home that afternoon for lunch. It was as beautiful to the eyes, as it was tasty for the mouth and tummy. I have spoken about you to everyone who has fed us in Japan. Have missed you terribly in our travels.

The Yuba rose is amazing for sure. And it tasted lovely too.

Thanks May for your kind words. What was most shocking to me as far as environmental issues go, is their use of wet napkins everywhere, and all the time. I wish someone could teach them to use plain napkins, cloth ones, and fewer. But how can one who is American, or living in America, teach anyone anything? We are the worst as far as the environment goes. But it did offend the greener part of my brain, to see all that paper and plastic get used, so often and so freely.

I could not fathom myself how a meal could have Yuba in every course, and be wonderful, but this meal was exceptionally delicious and with surprising turns with every course. The flavors were pure and high and some elemebts fresh and exciting. Never a dull moment in this meal.

We dined at a wonderful restaurant called Isoya (I believe that is the name) and I will blog about it sometime soon. They were using paper based chopsticks, bio-degradeable and very chic looking. We tried very hard to find them, but had no luck. My carpel tunnel wrists were in agony all day, every day, as I ate with chopsticks for the most part. In the beginning I tried being smart and use a fork, but the forks they presented at restaurants, were so tiny and useless, I ended up just using chopsticks. I will pay for that in the coming weeks. Chopsticks are wonderful and chick to look at on the table!

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