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Thursday, February 04, 2010


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Whilst I am blessed to get cappuccino or espresso bedside, I must admit, the double espresso photographed above, was made after the fact, when I felt inspired to blog this morning. And very sweetly, to make it a more fun composition for me to play around with, Charlie added the Amarettini Di Saronno. I am not indulged that sweetly on a usual morning. Alas!


Love it!
especially this part, "he made those cranky sounds that only a spouse can, and in a very pouty, very meek voice"


First off, I must say the Pasquini is the nicest machine that I have had the pleasure of using, and very easy! It makes amazing coffee. Ahhh, that chocolate cake! I once judged a chocolate cake contest with over twenty wonderful entries and this humble looking cake would have beaten them all. It was perfectly moist and intensely chocolate without being bitter. Its sweetness was not noticed, which is what one hopes for in anything chocolate of best quality. The ganache frosting lingered on the tongue just the right amount of time. Somehow your chocolate cake was a throwback to my youth, even though I am sure I never had such a good one back then. Maybe it brought forth the memory of what it is to desire chocolate cake more than any other dessert - your cake brought me to that place, and I enjoyed the trip. When little Rosie came running for a piece of chocolate cake, I think every adult at the table could remember a day when having a piece of chocolate cake filled their every need. If Proust had been an American, he would surely have written about chocolate cake instead of madeleines!
And, my dear, you shouldn't apologize for tweaking the recipe - you have a natural talent for taking something very good and making it fabulous, and that is always a good thing.


Although I find coffee to be a necessity, not an indulgence, and the beverage I most look forward to each day, I'm indebted to you and Charlie for the beautiful Francis Francis that sits on our kitchen counter. Whether for the first-of-the-morning frothy sip, or the late afternoon pick-me-up, I can't imagine life being as sweet without it or friends like the two of you!


I too am blessed to have a Pasquini Livia machine and also a Francis Francis iper espresso. So you can tell that I am an ILLY fanatic. I love their coffee. But I do not have anyone to make coffee for me. So you, Suvir, are doubly blessed because you have Charlie to make your coffee and be a sweetie.


Illy and Charlie - what could be better? The Pasquini Livia sounds divine. Reminds me of a Sophia Loren interview from years ago that I practically memorized. She was expounding on secrets of staying gorgeous and blissful and the Divine Ms. L swears by her morning routine of espresso, brewed by a machine at her bedside! Now, on to acquire that chocolate cake recipe...


Now, if you are ready to further with your exploration of coffee bliss, consider going no further than Tiplady Road in Hebron. There, my husband I and buy green coffee beans from Peter Duveen, we then roast and grind. He has a selection, but we favor the Costa Rican beans. Personally, I like to mix the grinds with a bit of Cafe Bustelo. Vestiges of life in Brooklyn. Stop by for a sample sometime. But don't come by late: it will be gone.

Stephanie Rigione

Like Charlie, I am a chocolate cake fiend and that post just made me so hungry! I also, I can't help but appreciate the line, "Trust the Italians to do things in style." ;)

Elizabeth Gambee Osborne

Suvir m'luv,
You do have a way of making everything sound wonderfully delicious! And, that chocolate cake was divine. Oh, for a piece right now...Although I am currently on a "weight management" program. Woe is me.


Betty my dear, you have a way of making things happen, and sustain in good stead! Now only if we could have a venture together, I can only imagine how lucrative it would be. In addition to being wonderfully delicious. LOL! Or did you mean that I know how to make something that really tastes awful sound delicious? (teasing you in my impish way!)

Enjoy the weight management program. Always good to manage that part of our lives. Kudos for you to do that. I should be on one as well.

We miss you as we travel through Japan. It would have been great sharing the wonderful discoveries with you.

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