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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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Yum. This place looks pretty amazing. I think i might have enjoyed the smelly cheese dessert as well. some of these desserts (the home made ice cream part) reminded me of a little place in east village (run by former Nobu chefs) but i think clearly your restaurant is more gourmand..

Le Miu
(212) 473-3100
107 Ave A
New York, NY 10009

anyhow its great to see that you are enjoying japan however and seeing america by seeing such a different culture.

and the strawberries are in season now as they come from the hot houses in japan. too bad you are not there when the white peaches and kyoho grapes are in season. those go for $5 a pop but oh boy oh boy.. you have to eat the peaches over a sink. we would never have such fruit here in america because they have low shelf life.


ahh le miu has closed

unfortunately. the recession is forcing good japanese restaurants to close. so sad. track these cooks down and befriend them back in NY.

Le Miu: Chef-owner Yasuhiro Shoji, formerly of Nobu 57. He is joined by Takaho Mori, former head chef at Megu, Motonari “Moto” Matsunaga, also of Nobu 57, and Miku Suzuki, who was most recently head chef at Onigashima.


May, you have a wonderful way of speaking about Japan, and reacting to what another writes about your home country. Good for you!
I would love to someday be in Japan when you are there as well.

And I am sure many Japanese chefs are being lured by people West of Japan, or South, North or even East. That is how life works these days.

Most good restaurants these days make their own ice cream. That is a given. Unless of course space is an issue. And the chef is clueless.
But if a chef cares, you can rest assured that you will eat ice cream made in house, and to go with the restaurants cuisine, and by a pastry chef who the chef respects. Or sometimes by the chef themselves.

We too were sad that we did not get to taste so many of the other fruits. The melons of Japan are quite something as well.

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They look delicious! Triple chocolate...must be delicious.

I have been there. really good. It is not mordern dessert, it is like classic French inpired by Japanese ingredients? hehe.
but really good.

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WOW!!nice desserts!!!yummy!!Very nice for an sweets after eating some good meal.

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