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Sunday, April 04, 2010


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Lillian Bannon

Hello Suvir, Happy Spring to you and Charlie. What a nice article about "my" biscuits. So glad you finally discovered good biscuits. Enjoyed seeing you on Food Network Challenge last night.
Love, "Mom"


It is a special moment when something ordinary yields an epiphany - so it was with your biscuits!

suvir saran

Mrs Bannon (Mom), thanks for visiting my blog, thanks for leaving a comment and most of all, many, many thanks for sharing with the world, your son Bret. He is beyond special. A man who stands out in any crowd, for his generosity of self, for his hard work, work ethic and his humanity. You should be very proud of yourself to have given birth to such a special man. And you should be very proud of him for always making you someone the rest of the world has to celebrate. It takes two to tango. In the case of Bret and you, it seems you are both just charming and kind beyond description. The rest of us are luckier for that.

Thanks for sharing the recipe for your mothers biscuits with Bret. They changed how I think of biscuits and with that, have enriched the life of many of those that come in and out of our home.

All of us are always in awe of the simple recipe that came from Florida, and feel luckier to have these biscuits at the table.

Come visit the farm, so i can bake them for you, and can also learn from you about how I can make them better still.

Have a great spring, and summer, and changing seasons ahead.

With regards,


suvir saran

Sally, I wish I could take credit for these biscuits.
All credit goes to Bret Bannon and Lillian Bannon and her mother.

They are the geniuses behind these biscuits. And they were kind enough to share with me a family recipe. One that is so good, so simple, and so memorable.

What is it about these biscuits that was an epiphany for you Sally? Would be nice for Bret, Mrs. Bannon and others to know. You are an accomplished chef, caterer and TV personality. Someone who has enjoyed many very special moments. I am curious to know what it was about these biscuits that resonated with you as being out of the ordinary.

Thanks for sharing!


Jon Templeton

Bret's biscuits are definitely one of his many attributes in the world of cooking. His ready smile and easy disposition help him be at ease in the kitchen when he's teaching others the art that he has so come to love. Having the pleasure of living with this man, eating his food, and being constantly amazed at what he can do has truly brought joy into my life. Thank you Mr. B for all that you do!!!

Bret Bannon

Hi Suvir - Thank you for your kind words and continued inspiration. I'm so glad to hear that Charlie and yourself and all for whom you cook, that these biscuits bring such joy to your table. It was our daily bread while growing up.

Like so many others, I too, learned from my grandmother and mom and am grateful that they had the patience to teach me. My nephew is now learning from mom -- his grandmother as well.

It's all about sharing what we have around the table, right?

We look forward to your visit in June to Bret's Table.

Mary Falk ( at LoveTree)

Hi Suvir!!!
Great kudos to Bret's biscuits!!! It's a great day when Brett and the family biscuit is celebrated !!!! :-)
I would LOVE
to share a plate of biscuits with Brett and Jon and you!!!...perhaps some morning we can convince you all to visit the farm and we will compare biscuit recipes, and then bake them up in our soon to be built outdoor wood fired oven in the grotto.
We love using great biscuit dough for stawberry shortcake!
We just sweeten the dough and lightly dust the top with sugar before cooking.
Slice crosswise while warm, and dress with good vanilla ice cream(home made is the best of course), then a generous portion of sweetened fresh strawberries then place the second half of biscuit over the berries, and repeat with ice cream, and berries, then topped off with whipped cream from our raw jersey cow milk... it becomes a luscious creamy mess when served over the warm bisuits. HEAVEN!
I will make it for you all if you ever come to visit the farm.
I bet that if you add a little milk to Brett's biscuit recipe so that they can easily drop off of a spoon,
you will find that it makes amazing dunmplings in lamb shank stew.... I am getting fat just writing this!!! :-)
By the way, lots happening in Wi with the raw milk issue, I would love to talk with you more about it!
Andy says "Hi!"
Take Care, keep those biscuits warm!!!
at LoveTree (the cheese lady!!!)

Carolyn C.

Oh, it's a regular Bannon Biscuit lovefest! This was such a lovely article, Suvir...looking forward to seeing you and hearing new stories in June. Best wishes for a fantastic spring!

suvir saran


Thanks for visiting the blog, and celebrating Bret, and biscuits.
WOW! You do not need to twist my arm about visiting your farm. The cheeses you make are soooo good and then top it of, your offer of making strawberry shortcake is too good to pass. I shall be there in a NY Minute. When?

How is Andy? How is school for him? Please give him my best. And remind him I want to see him as our President in my lifetime. He is way too smart a kid, and so charming too. A great testament to your parenting skills!

Cannot wait to hear all your updates on raw milk in WI. Hope your cheeses are being enjoyed by many. Tasting them was one of the highlights of our last visit.

Looking forward to making biscuits with you, seeing your farm, spending time chatting with Andy and you, and the rest of the family and talking raw milk.


suvir saran

Spring is almost here.
We in North Country in Upstate NY/Southern VT, do not see real spring till end of April, early May, and now, it seems that spring is here.
Your message could not have come at a better time.
Sometimes late is good!

How are you? Enjoying Minneapolis, biscuits, work and life I hope?

Come visit us at the farm sometime.

See you in June.


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