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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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Susan Joyce Thomas

What a lovely tribute to Betty and to the way she feeds her guests with wonderful food, stimulating conversation, and beautiful and tranquil surroundings. I have enjoyed many meals and splendid times at her home. Hooray!

dina palin

What an absolutely wonderful ODE TO BETTY OSBORNE!!! We who have graced her table are very fortunate to have experienced such a soul. A lovely portrait of a lovely woman. YUM!

suvir saran

The surroundings around Betty's home are truly "beautiful and tranquil". And we are blessed indeed to have enjoyed many splendid meals and stimulating conversations as well. Thanks for coming by Susan.

suvir saran

"Ode to Betty Osborne" - How wonderfully said. I wish I had the poetic talents to venture into writing one. But that said, Betty deserves many Ode's written about her, and I am sure someone already has written a few.

She is a glorious person and so wonderfully brilliant, kind and generous. Hard to have all of these traits in one person. And luckily for us, Betty has them and in great abundance.

I agree with you Dina that Betty is a lovely woman. And we too feel very fortunate to have had the good luck of being at her table and experienced the magic of her soul.

Betty will be thrilled to read your comments. She is all that we each say and also computer savvy! Yippee!


What a wonderful tribute. I am now starving and longing for some peace and quiet in such a beautiful, tranquil place.

And do my eyes deceive me? Is that our blog host in the photograph with the two desserts displayed proudly down stage?



Betty is well known locally as a "doer of good works." Your photos, beautiful as always, show us the amazing beauty of Eagle's Rest - the very definition of idyllic. And two desserts - who could argue with that!

dennis coughlin

HELLO SUVIR, Your blog is terrific and your writing style is outstanding. You captured the magic that is always at Eagle's Rest Farm. Hopefully I will have a chance to see you and Charlie when I visit Betty this weekend. regards dennis

suvir saran

David, that is me in the green linen shirt. You guessed right. And the idyllic setting is quite lovely. Betty's home is situated in a beautiful place and she has made it even more special with all that she has done to it and through her energy and spirit.

suvir saran

"doer of good works" - Betty is that for sure... She is also a "cooker of great foods".

Thanks for your kind words about the photos Sally. They were just taken from a point and shoot digital. The best I could do. Betty's home is so beautiful that it is easy to capture it even without a great camera and make things look good. Credit goes to Betty.

suvir saran

Hi Dennis! Charlie and I look forward to meeting with you this weekend. Have already told Betty to bring you to the farm. We have tons of friends visiting and we will celebrate each evening. Please feel free to come join us and enjoy whatever it is we do.

Our table is always open to all we know and theirs. It is this that makes us feel blessed. In India my parents home was known as the Grand Central Station of New Delhi as the door never stopped revolving and our farm is quite similar. The sheets never get to rest for too long. Charlie often has to wash the sheets two days in a row. Since a guest leaves, and the very same day, someone else arrives.

Glad you like the blog and my writing. I pay very little if any attention to the writing. I never edit what I write and I say things as I feel them. A nightmare I believe for editors. Since most people want writers with measured words. Not me! Betty and Eagle's Rest are indeed magical and it is that quality about each that makes it easy to make them look good. I wish I could take credit.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.



I love the Grand Central of New Dehli reference! My parents were exactly the same way - the Grand Central of Pleasant Hill (and no one left empty handed!) My dearest friends in the world of 30+ years were the same way too and have many stories of the many friends of their four children scattered about the house on any given Sunday morning. My roommate's parents do that too - always an "orphan" or two at all holiday dinners.

Thank you for evoking those memories Suvir. Good writing does that!

Rob Haren

For as many times as I have enjoyed time with Betty and her friends. I have never looked at Eagles Rest Farm through the lense of a camera. How stunning to someone that sees it for the very first time.

suvir saran

Rob, glad to have given you a camera-lense-view of Eagle's Rest Farm. And thanks for your kind words about the photos. Betty makes everything beautiful and special.

suvir saran

David - your having lived in the Grand Central of Pleasant Hill, and your friends having had a similar experience only reiterates what we have been chatting about in the Huntington post. How food played such a central part of all lives. People made the effort to cook, effort to entertain and effort to bring others into their lives. They never looked at that as a chore, as something of a bother. They did it as much for themselves as to honor another. In some ways the guests were the therapists, the baby-sitters, the entertainment and the guests - all at once. That loss from lives as we lead them today in the US, and sadly soon changing and affecting other countries as well - is a clear cut look into how and why we have the mental and physical health we suffer today. I so wish more people would come back to their tables, eat, share, chat, gossip (non-malicious) and create magic.

Happy to hear that my writing is "good writing" and thought provoking and evoking. You are too kind to me. And that in itself will always bless you in ways you never imagine. Thanks for being a mensch.



NIcely said Suvir, thank you.

Me a person of integrity and honor? LOL......I wonder if my detractors would agree?


suvir saran

Life is not about worrying about what your detractors think. It is instead about doing what you and your conscience would hold at the highest and best standard. And this ensures you sleep knowing you did what was right and in your eyes, the correct thing to do.

The rest? que sera sera, whatever will be, will be.....


Dearest Suvir -
I am my mother's child, through and through. Believe me I do not care what anyone thinks (well maybe a handful of friends) however detractors? Be gone with them I say!


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