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Monday, June 14, 2010


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The question that begs to be answered is why do countries far, far away feel the need to have these shops? McDonalds least the Parisians tried to run them out. LOL.......

suvir saran

I agree.... but then I wonder if life tarries with yesterday, or a tomorrow we may never know, not even in our wildest dreams, and that what life sees is a picture that is very different from what we imagine.

Would much rather want to see beautifully designed, chic shops, selling modern day versions of Indian street food, that should become the trendy "donuts" if you will of tomorrow. But perhaps I am a mere dreamer.

suvir saran

what do you think of the offerings?
If this were not India, and if this were not a world where we are worried of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol et al, what would you say your reaction would be, if you had found a store selling donuts like you see above?


I probably would have been horrified. When I travel I want my experience to embody the city, state, country that I am visiting. I will admit that in Paris I had a hankering for a Coca Cola and bought one at McD's.....otherwise I ran from any Amurican "shop" in England and France! Am I making sense?


Oops..I went another way an answer to your question.

Not India? No worries about health? Found this shop? Not sure, we have a few iconic donut shops in the San Fran area. When I want a donut, I want a donut....and dont' mess with it. Donuts imitating savory delights I don't want. I want the actual delight it is imitating.


Oops..I went another way in an answer to your question.

Not India? No worries about health? Found this shop? Not sure, we have a few iconic donut shops in the San Fran area. When I want a donut, I want a donut....and dont' mess with it. Donuts imitating savory delights I don't want. I want the actual delight it is imitating.


Mango mayo donut? This is wrong is so many ways! Interesting that the signs are all in English - are they pandering to tourists, or have the locals embraced this dubious development? Brings to mind the time I saw KFC in Paris -made me want to cry. BP is not the only one polluting the planet.

suvir saran

I agree with you that I like things to be what they ought to be. And not be something they are trying hard to pretend to be.

Did you check out the link above for King's Donuts? You should come try them sometime. They are the very best.

suvir saran

does it not sound awful!

Sally, most Indians will use English as the language to communicate with each other. I am sure some tourists must make it into the mall, but I doubt they are the backbone of any business in the mall.

BP may be much better in some ways....


Kings Donuts!! Wow, that looks like a trip well worth making from the West Coast.

I find Mark Isarel at The Donut Plant in NYC and interesting character and the fact he's honoring his grandfather by having gone in to the donut business.

suvir saran

they are the best donuts I have eaten in any commercial setting. And this is not too commercial as you might have gathered.

Mr. King is a pilot by day and donut-creator by weekend. And only during the summer. He too is keeping up tradition and family legend.

The Donut Plant is a good idea, good enough donuts, but no patch to King's Donuts.

And then the donuts that Stephen Durfee makes.. Dreamy!


Okay, you've built a strong case for a visit to your neck of the woods - in many ways actually.

I have no doubts Chef Durfee makes wonderful donuts. That said a friend of mine had such an "intereseting" experience with him in the kitchen of that world reknowned restaurant he worked in (she called me when she escaped on the streets of St. Helena and....well, I'll excersise good manners here) that I have trouble thinking of him in any other way. LOL


I have to give them points for interesting decor - both the shop and the donuts. The colors are definitely eye-catching. And I may be a hardcore Italianophile, but that Mamma Mia donut looks downright peculiar! Did you partake? Don't think we'll be seeing that on Arthur Avenue anytime soon.

suvir saran

D, I love it when people exercise good manners. Makes me feel very good about them and myself. Thanks for doing that. Come visit anytime. If you come over a weekend, we can take you to King's donuts.

Stacey - I agree that they did invest in the look of the space and the donuts. Maybe a tad too much? Being facetious. They are proud of what they serve. Now only if we could teach them to serve better stuff. LOL!

I was not able to even fathom the idea of trying the Mamma Mia. Scary to me. And hopefully Arthur Avenue shall never have to serve those. Not that Arthur Avenue does not sell some stuff that Italians in Italy would cringe about.

Terri McCallister

I have to cringe at the imagined sugar and fat content in one of these gut bombs. It makes me sad to see this kind of food following the horrible example we have set in the US for fast food. This kind of food is the "Devil in a Blue Dress." I guess we won't rest until everyone on the planet is in a nutritional deficit. Ok--that's my negative comment. On the positive side, these donuts are little works of art , and the variety is amazing!

suvir saran

"Gut bombs"? You should consider being a newscaster. They usually come up with such powerfully stirring words. Have you thought of doing that Terri? You certainly have the physical persona for being very successful at it, and it also seems you have a way with words. Intelligence and you seem to have always been friends... food for thought....

I agree with you that looking at these donuts incites negative and positive reactions. I was torn between disgust and also a sense of amazement that fast food could look this good. But still, it is the negative feelings that make me feel more furious. Beauty when skin deep only goes so far with me. What to do.. I am jaded.


What mall was this in? location?

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