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Saturday, June 12, 2010


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Joyce Goldstein

I so enjoyed cooking with you at the conference. The theme was comfort food, something that students really need as they are away from home and stressed with studies. So listening to everyone groaning with pleasure after tasting the food we cooked was a thrill.
We must cook together again soon.

suvir saran

Joyce I miss you every day I spend without you.

Charlie and I feel we are blessed to have met you.

Our home is luckier for having had you visit it, and bless it with your energy.

Your food is glorious. You are stupendous, and cooking at your side, learning from you, is dreamy and so special.

Thanks for allowing me to play at your side, and to observe, learn and study from you. Thanks!

And yes, all the food you prepared that day was Comfort Food that was comforting, healthful and wonderful all at once.


Hey Suvir,

Great post! I'm glad you hooked up with Luci and Joyce. I see Joyce in early July in San Jose. I was raving today to Luci about how great your cookbook is. I need to pick some recipes to showcase!


Bonnie Johnson

Thank you for recognizing the sponsors of this special event...I am honored to have been a part of it. As a dietitian I can't think of anything better than spending a few days with a group of chefs committed to creating delicious AND healthful food choices for their customers. These chefs play such important roles in the lives of their students: 1) providing enegy and nutrients needed for peak mental and physical performance; 2) providing the comforts of home; 3) introducing new and wonderful flavors that will be taken far beyond campus life.

While I can't wait to go back next year, I hope I am lucky enough to visit some of our new found friends and work with them to showcase the nutritional power and culinary versitility of peanuts before we meet again at UMass!


suvir saran

Hey Roger! Will see you in San Jose as well. I should be there for the duration of the conference. When do you arrive? Thanks for your kind words. Joyce is amazing, is she not?

Let me know what recipes you want to play with.

Have you ever made Mujadarrah? American Masala has a recipe for it, it is either called mujadarrah or imm jadarrah. Try it! You will LOVE it.

suvir saran

Bonnie, it is great that you all sponsor this conference and other such amazing ones across the country.

IT means a lot to chefs everywhere, to be able to come to a setting like UMASS, and then gather information that would otherwise be very hard to find. I know I am not alone in feeling very proud of all the sponsors for doing the right thing, even if it somtimes means spending even more money. Thanks1


As someone who has tried dozens of recipes from both of Suvir's books, my advice is to close your eyes, open the book to a random page and make whatever you see there! You can't go wrong, as they are all winning recipes. My favorites so far: Tamarind Glazed Meatloaf, Fattoush, Crab and Salmon Cakes, Crispy Okra Salad is a big WOW, French Lentil Soup, Shrimp Poha Paella, Goan Shrimp Curry, Fried Chicken Masala, Green Peas in Spiced Cream Sauce, Roasted Baby Potatoes with Southern Indian Spices, Corn Bread, Creamy Vegetable Burgers, Candied Orange Peel.
Now, Suvir, what I want to know is: did you manage to buy the recipe for Bush's Beans from the dog?? :)


The beans, olive oil and onion dish looks like fantastic comfort food. Is there a recipe somewhere I can peruse, or do you just saute the onions till browned than mix it all together? A Must-Try. Thanks for the idea Suvir.

suvir saran

Sally thanks for your kind words.
You are too loyal to your friends. I was not wanting an endorsement of my books here. You spoil me with your affection. What is this about Bush's beans and the dog? Please explain.

suvir saran

Stacey, do you have American Masala? If so, there is a recipe for the lentil version of the same dish. This particular version was made using chickpeas. And was DEELICIOUS!

The idea is hardly mine. It was a recipe that Joyce Goldstein was working with the group she had. And she knows how much I LOVE this dish. The dish has existed forever and is a favorite comfort-food of Lebanon and many other countries in the Middle East.

ryan rolph

Hey Suvir,

It's your northern friend Ryan. I enjoyed the time that we spent in umass togethor. I have made a couple dishes out of your cookbooks now and they have been great just wanted to tell you that.

James McFarland

Hey Mr.Suvir,

I would like to echo what Ryan said. I really enjoyed meeting you and I have sure been enjoying your cookbook.Its really opened my eyes to a whole new realm of fusion and flavors. In your next cook book you have to incorporate something with Saskatoon Berries ;)

suvir saran

Hey Ryan! How are you?
It was fun getting to meet you and spend some time chatting with you and watching you cook and eat at UMASS. What have you cooked from the book? Curious here... did you take photos?
Thanks for cooking from the book. That was very nice of you. I am honored.


suvir saran

Hey Mr. James,

I repeat what I said to Ryan and want to let you know that it was fun meeting you as well and enjoying some time in your company.

What in particular caught your attention in the books? Have you cooked from it yet? Are you going to?

I would LOVE to work with Saskatoon Berries. Now only if my Northern friends would be kind enough to send me some.. then I could cook with them and create some fun recipes to share with friends. What do you all do with them?

Keep well and in touch. I would love to come visit and cook with you all. Lets make that happen.


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