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Friday, June 11, 2010


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"Where thou art - that - is Home. " ~Emily Dickinson

I really need to spend a healthy amount of time in upstate New York (Saratoga Springs = the summer land of Balanchine) - Your pics of all the offerings that the London's provide are calling to me.



Wonderful post & photos. Mrs. London's is definitely one of my favorite spots in the world - there bread is second to none and their pastries are nearly the same. Plus Michael and Wendy are amazing, as is their son Max's skills in the kitchen. Just a shame it's so far away (from me at least)!

sophie London

Thank you for your beautiful words Suvir, you are missed here as well...Come home soon!
Filipe and I are now bringing Mrs.London's goodies to the Troy Farmers Market every Saturday from 9-1.
Sophie & Filipe

suvir saran

Where are you Laissezfare? I agree with you that their breads are second to none and that their pastries are nearly the same. You said it quite succinctly.

And Max? What can I say. We are BIG fans and feel so blessed that this young man, like his parents, has made it his mission to add magic and great food to Upstate NY.

suvir saran

I shall be home soon enough, or so I hope. How are you and Felipe settling in? You are an added gift for our community. So wonderful to have you around us. Hope you will find it special here and stay.

Troy Farmers Market is blessed to have you both bring Mrs. London's goodies to its lap. WOW WOW WOW! lucky people, those who get to enjoy these goodies.

Thanks for visiting the blog. Tell us more about what you bring to the market. What is selling best? And what the reaction of the locals is to this product. Thanks!

elizabeth osborne

Hi Suvir,
It is time you came home. For those of us who emigrated to Washington County from the city, there is truly no place like home.

I have such fond memories of Mrs. London's which go back to the 70's, after I moved here. When they were on Phila or Caroline Street I took European friends with my parents for lunch one day and I will never forget how they raved about the meal, the bread, the dessert etc....They had been traveling all through the States and I think they thought they were never going to have decent food, until they hit Mrs. London's.
At about that time Craig Claiborne of the NYTimes wrote about them and called it the best bakery between N.Y. and Montreal. Of course we were all very proud, as though we were knocking out that wonderful stuff ourselves.
And now, it has come full circle, the next generation is turning out great food with care and panache....and aren't we fortunate to have them in our back yard.
It's time to come home my dear.

elizabeth osborne

Another Mrs. London's comment:
My granddaughters, who live in Sarasota, Florida, make an annual pilgrimage to Mrs. London' for anything chocolate, and the other for anything with fruit. They lived for many years in Brussels and developed a taste for good pastry.One year we ordered the Buche de Noel for the holidays.....oh my!

Mary Ann Joulwan

I've hesitated to post a comment for quite a while
for fear that no one would believe me. But what a pity, I thought, to withhold such delicious and invaluable information - so here goes:

The magnificent pastry offerings at Mrs. London's
Boulangerie in Saratoga Springs, NY, are among the finest you will find anywhere - even rivaling those in Paris, Vienna and other noteworthy pastry cities of the world. Go see and taste for yourself - I think you'll agree.

And ps: don't forget the breads - they're amazing.

suvir saran

I am almost home Betty!
Should be there this weekend.
Have missed you, the animals, the plants and the air of our beautiful towns.

We truly are lucky to have Mrs. London's and Max London's in Saratoga. And yes, I agree that the next generation has continued in the same magical way of the London's. Sharing beautiful food, cooked with pride and served with love.

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