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Saturday, June 05, 2010


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Just came across your blog, what a wonderful post!

Nature is truly amazing!!!

Mary Ann Joulwan

I was sitting on the edge of my seat until the
gloves were found and the baby kid was delivered.
I was then blissfully rewarded with the sight of this new, little creature nestling up to its mother. I felt that a miracle had happened and indeed it had.

What I respect about Charlie is that he knows what has to be done - and then does it! He seems to have a natural instinct for the human condition or whatever presents itself and then goes about it without commotion or fanfare. It's as if he knows in advance that everything will be all right. Bless
you for this, dear Charlie.

Mary Ann Joulwan

And ps: welcome back to the farm, Suvir - your "little bit of heaven" - 36 days are a long time.

suvir saran

Hi Rinku! What made you discover the blog? Where are you based out of? Tell us more... Thanks for commenting.

suvir saran

Mary Ann, glad you were able to see the miracle happen.
To be honest, this baby should not have been born. The mother was not mated with the bucks, but she was able to do it either immaculately or through the fence. What story do we perpetuate?

Charlie is a worker bee and certainly knows just what to do at what time. And yes, he does it without any fuss or commotion, but rather with great elan and panache, and makes everything seem easy enough. All good signs of a worker that can lead, teach and inspire.

Thanks for extending me a welcome to the farm. 37 days are a VERY long time. I do not believe most people understand how long that is to be away from home. I arrived yesterday afternoon and I shall leave by 2 PM today. Back on the road. Yesterday was sunny, and eventful, today has begun rainy, and not so full of miracles.

Life around the farm is beautiful and yes it is my "little bit of heaven". And I am grateful I have this to come back to every time.

JT Wong

Very nice look at life on the farm. The pictures really capture the moment. Great job Charlie!

Beth Burd

Charlie, what a wonderful man you have become. Much love, Mom

Dan Schumacher

Charlie didn't wait very long to jump back into the American Masala Farm lifestyle. Thank you both for coming to the Floating Island Writers' Workshop last week. Kim, the writers and I appreciated your company and cooking. I hope to see you both soon.

Rose Dobrez

Charlie and Suvir, Loved meeting you both at the Floating Writers Workshop. Suvir, I so enjoyed reading your first cookbook cover to cover (literally) and now that I own American Masala I will read that one cover to cover, too. It was so enjoyable to read your recipes and then have the opportunity to cook a few of them WITH YOU. You are an amazing teacher and chef. And Charlie. What can I say that hasn't been said before and above. You are a great man and made every day at "camp" so much fun. After spending the week with you at Seaside (and all our wonderful talks late at night on the beach :)) it was wonderful to read this blog and see the pictures of the miracle you had a hand in (literally and figuratively) back at the farm. I look forward to seeing you both later this summer, and I hope you can make it to Chapel Hill for our next Floating Writers Workshop!


A beautiful post AND pictures as always Suvir. For the life of me I can not figure out, nor do I see you listed for the September/ The Culinary Institute of America - Greystone Campus appearance!!!! HELP!



Great job Charlie...I would have been running around the house trying to find my wife. I suck at delivering babies. Good thing the sheep managed on their own so far. What did you name the kid?

Suvir - Lovely pics. whats growing in the garden?

weekendfarmer, NJ.

suvir saran

Rose, it was SOOO much fun meeting you at the Floating Island Writers' workshop. Come visit. Bring the kids. And keep chipper and keep away from you know what...

David, the conference in September at Greystone (CIA) is by invitation only. Perhaps that is why you cannot find much on it? Or cannot find anything at all?

Hafiz, our sheep have managed on their own thus far too. What kind of sheep do you have? How many?

The kid will be named breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Or some such. It will be meat before too late. Realities of farm life.

Charlie must be planting the garden now. We have had a late start this year. Just back from endless travels. I guess we will be keeping the farm stands busy. Our herbs are beautiful and lively.

What are you growing at your farm Hafiz?

suvir saran

Hafiz and David, the pics are about what we work with.
I am not much of a photographer. But I do enjoy trying to capture the moments that capture our interest and our lives.
The light on this particular day kept changing. From sunny to cloudy to gravely overcast. And so, the photos reflect those changes. Some are darker than others some brighter.
I never use flash, and I do not doctor images. Never learned to photoshop, so I rely on old fashioned ways with the camera.

It does help that Charlie gifted me a nice Nikon digital SLR to play with. I am sure it helps a great deal.


By invitation only? Story of my life!

You photograph your subjects beautifully. Own it! xo

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