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Friday, July 16, 2010


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Gardenworks is a wonderland I love more each time I visit. Very nice addition with the Rob and Meg backstory - a great example of a couple respecting one another's passions.

suvir saran

Wonderland - How aptly said. Wonderland it is. There is so much to discover. I have seen it grow just in the last three years. Can only imagine what others who have lived here longer have seen.


The five mile stretch of County Route 30 between West Hebron and Salem, NY provides an interesting glimpse of our country’s steady transformation from agrarian to post-industrial society. When my grandpa finished school and took over the family farm in the post-depression era, nearly every household along this stretch was a farming family. Today, only one large dairy farm and Gardenworks remain as working agricultural businesses, with most residents commuting to their work. Thank you Suvir for your appreciation of my mom and dad’s dedication to providing a unique country experience for visitors and a place for natives to buy local. It takes hard work and a touch of savvy every step of the way to preserve the family farm and it is special to receive praise. Special thanks to Suvir and Charlie as well as the amazing employees of Gardenworks, and everyone who supports the business.

suvir saran

Hunter - special thanks go to your grandfather, your parents and the team at Gardenworks. You are better than I and quicker, in that you mentioned the employees of Gardenworks. Just this afternoon I was thinking how bad I had been in not mentioning the two amazing women who sweeten our experiences at Gardenworks when we are there. Arelene and Bridgette (sp?). They are gifted and special and charming all at once. Without them our experiences would never be the same. And now there are more people in the mix, whose names I cannot remember. Shame on me!

And we are so aware that Gardenworks and Battenkill Valley Creamery are two of the only remaining businesses that use the land and soil as one would have years past.

Hunter you are missed around here. And we all look forward to meeting Dr. Southerland in the next few years. The area can use a doctor who is a local and who brings back wonderful skills and also has all the local charm and history flowing through their blood. Remember that as you work hard and go through school. There are so many of us that wish you well and support you even in our absence in your daily life.


Reading this brings joyful tears to my eyes because you have so perfectly described the unique relationship that my parents share, while also paying tribute to my grandfather who we all love and aspire every day to emulate. If he knew about blogs, he would be very proud of this post and I know feel excited by the fact that farming is still happening on this land. In the same way, you have explained the Gardenworks history and experience today better than anyone I have ever heard. You have captured the sounds, voices, smells, and people that make this place not just a store, but an experience. Thank you for all that you and Charlie do to enrich our community, Gardenworks, and each one of the Southerlands-- we cherish this friendship and are so fortunate to have both of you in our lives.

Carl Klaiber

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!" I had the privilege of knowing Meg's parents as well as the kids as we grew up. Harold and Pearle were the epitomy of what you'd want to be as parents and as friends plus excellent agri-business people. Clearly, Meg has taken those traits to the next level and you've captured that spitit so well.

suvir saran

Elizabeth - your family is so very special. Each one of you so warm and kind. So generous and giving. Thanks for making us part of the Southerland-McEachron family. We have tears thinking of the wonderful things each of you do for all of us and the members of our precious community.

It was a joy for me to see Gardenworks through the lens of the camera. One sees so differently through a lens than through the naked eye. Funny, but very true. I am limited by mortal talent and so can only show what I am able. Gardenworks has much more to offer.

I have loved it for so many reasons and I know sometimes I even complain to myself and sometimes to Meg about what more I want - since I think of it as so near perfect, that I aim for perfection when at Gardenworks or thinking of it. I hold it to very HIGH and tough standards, and that is not always fair. And yet Gardenworks and Meg always get such high points. That is the celebration that one must always remember.

Glad you saw the blog and posted. Hope you are well and enjoying your weeks of being almost single before life takes you on a new journey. We wish you great joy now and in the future.

sue clary

Dear Suvir, I am reading this at 5am and am touched by your aticle about Meg, Rob and Gardenworks! My childhood was spent in West Hebron and the road between West Hebron and Salem was traveled daily usually more than once. I love that stretch of road. I used to spend many a good time in the McEachron home, bought eggs from Mr McEachron in a cooler out in the barn for 33 cents and Meg taught me swimming at Hebron Camp. Our personal connection goes a long ways back and always it means faith, love, compassion, continuity, persistance, and most important, family and family values! Reading Hunter and Elizabeth's post also brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing all of this about a very special family and a business that has kept the farm in tact. I for one am very thankful for Meg and Rob's vision and dedication. And thanks for the kudos to McCartee's Barn, Suvir! Sincerely, Sue Clary

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