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Thursday, August 26, 2010


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Craig Tiggleman

Jack, another AMAZING post, thank you so much for sharing! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!
I miss you and Mattie - love you both!!! Dad


Hi Jack - I am so sorry to be missing all this fun. You are certainly the intrepid reporter, willing to have all kinds of food decorating your face. Bravo!! Next time you are in town I will have you on my tv show - perhaps you have a favorite cooking gadget you could demonstrate? Actually, I love the ones that don't work - especially if they are the "as seen on tv" variety.
I am glad you are enjoying the area and having so much fun. I am a caterer and today I am making something like 20 pies from scratch so that's why you haven't seen me around. Keep up the good work - I appreciate the smile you have put on my face when I take quick breaks to look at your blog. I love fried dough, and your photos made me salivate! Darn you! Aren't Suvir and Charlie just the best!?!?!
your future friend - Sally


Jack! Great posts! You are a natural blogger. Your photos absolutely capture the spirit of the fair, and your eggs photos make my mouth water. I especially like the picture of the eggs in the carton.
After meeting you over at the fair at the Argle Fire Department concession I happened to catch sight of you and your crew in the rides area (I was waiting for my duaghter at the Zipper) at the moment that you won the big Puppy. It was fun to see how delighted everyone was with your success. After years of going to the fair, I can tell you honestly that it's hard to win such a big prize. Good for you! I hope you enjoy Lake George. I look forward to hearing about it.

suvir saran

Jack - your photographs and your writing are very evocative of that which you describe. A wonderful gift for you to have. Enjoy it and use it to your advantage and for the benefit of others like us.

Thanks for making time to share your musings with us.

Paula - you are really very special and kind. Thanks for coming by to the blog and for your encouraging words to Jack. We missed seeing you all again. Hope you all enjoyed the fair. We had so much fun. Jack, Mattie and I went on almost all rides and several times on a few of them.
You will hear about his Lake George and Vermont adventures in the next couple of days.


Those eggs are so beautiful! I have enjoyed Jack's account of his visit with Suvir and Charlie. State gotta love 'em. I went to the Iowa state fari many years ago and had a blast. People everywhere having fun, lots of animals, rides, stuff, and food and animal events...even music. I bet there was some nice music too.

Seeing folks have fun at a place like a fair is an old fashioned piece of America...thanks for the memories.

I look forward to reading Jack's story on Vermont and Lake George (aaah, Lake George) on Tiggleman's wild adventure..

Man, those eggs are beautiful!


Excellent posts and pics--bravo!
Annette Nielsen

Karen Sheldon

Jack, It was great meeting you, your sister and Mom. I really enjoyed your pictures, especially the one showing how much milk a cow produces in a day. You are a natural writer! Keep it up and enjoy the rest of your vacation. Good luck with school, Karen

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