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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


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Angelina Dobrez

Good job Jack! Now I am hungry:)

Craig Tiggleman

What a great blog post! I am so proud of you! I really like your voice and your descriptions of your journey (so far!) and I can't wait to read more about your adventures.
Have fun, and I love you buddy!

suvir saran

Thanks Jack for your first dispatch. Your voice comes through perfectly in your words.

Your words very articulate for your years. Or shall I say you seem as smart as your years. We have gotten used to a dumbing down of youth over the years and so when we find one that is smart and able, they seem smarter than their years. Your parents ought to be very proud of you and you of them. It seems the travels you have enjoyed are being paid off in ways one would not imagine. Like these blog posts and your charming ways around people.

Keep traveling and keep sharing please.

I especially love how you and your mother were savvy enough to understand how quantity cannot equal quality. This is a pandemic we face in North Country and around most small rural and even small urban communities. Sadly people associate choice with quality. Very unfortunate. If people cannot cook 2 things well how could they cook 200 things well? That is something most diners never both comprehending and so pay for mediocrity and keep such places in business and solvent. Unfortunately most people have forgotten what quality, taste and good stand for. We have dumbed ourselves down to such a level that we are more than accepting of bad standards and in fact have made them seem good. Horrific but true. It is refreshing to see one so young and so astute. Maybe there is still hope for the future generations. Especially if more people can see like you, eat like and you read and write like you.

It is a pleasure having you at the farm and to see how Mattie and your minds work and how you speak, embrace new things and how you are in the company of people.

Our home is yours to be at whenever you feel like. Remember that and come visit often.



Jack, WOW I will second what your father said, a very nicely written blog. Thanks for coming by with your Mom, Sis, Charlie and Suvir. We truely enjoyed your visit and I am glad we could satisfy your hunger with the Texas Burger. I too think that is the best thing I ever tasted. Great pictures too!! we all look great especially the burger. Hope we see you again before you head back home. Take care buddy and enjoy your stay here in Salem.


Jack, your style of writing is very engaging, and how clever of you to have an ending that ensures I will check in for the next post. You must be an old soul, like Suvir's nephew Karun, because you don't have the awkwardness that so often goes with youth.
Bob's Lunch is very good - I wish we had more places like that instead of the standardized franchises that are so boring and serve such dreck.
I think Suvir should have you as a regular guest blogger on his site! - Sally

Colleen Connor

Excellent post Jack! Your photos are diverse and perfectly paired with your story. Very well documented! And you've aced the knack of finding the right speed/movement in your delivery.

Now on to bigger questions: How in the world did you get Suvir to parasail with you?!! When do we get to see THOSE pictures and hear THOSE stories?!! Another post is a MUST! -Colleen

Jack Tiggleman

Rodney - Now that I'm back in Michigan, I don't know how I'll be able to eat a cheeseburger ever again! Thanks for commenting!

Sally - I wish there were more places like Bob's too! Places like Bob's always taste thirty times better than the Burger KIngs of this world. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and for commenting.

Colleen - I am working on that blogpost right now! It was nice talking to you over my Mom's phone, but obviously I can't wait to actually meet you over spring break. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and commenting!

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