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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


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Suvir Saran

Jack - you write so well. In detail without being overbearing. Good for you! Thanks for also being so gracious and linking to all the people, businesses and personalities that you mention. Good etiquette in the world of the web. Wonderful to see you have it at such a young age.

Looking forward to revisiting your adventures around the farm as you post about them. Thanks!


Rose Dobrez

Thanks for another great page in our trip diary! That corn was AMAZING. And the orecchiette pasta was so perfect for holding onto that delicious corn/tomato/basil yummy goodness. Your pictures and words so perfectly sum up the beauty of the day! Thank you!! Mom



Thanks for the trip back to Lake George. I grew up there in my summers before Michigan!!! Can't wait to see you and hear more!



There is something to be said for the opportunity to see one's own home turf through the fresh vantage point of a guest, but I have nver considered being strapped into a vantage point high above Lake George, held aloft by a sail!!!! OMG Suvir you all look perfectly at home up in the air....Jack, next time you are here you might want to add a "Worms sold Here" sign to your collection. Having lived so much of my life in a city, I still get a chuckle by these signs at the local convenience stores. Thanks for writing such great posts.

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