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Friday, October 15, 2010


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rose levy beranbaum

OMG Suvir, what a fabulous posting. I will return to read every word but right now I am working with Woody to organize all the fabulous photos of our adventure with you and Charlie! (and there are many)

Suvir Saran

Rose - Thanks for sharing this recipe in your book. And thanks to the chef who shared his recipe with you.

This cake really is like what my mom would bake when she was baking for us without the cloud of any special occasion hanging over her head.

I remember the taste so very well and I remember the crumb of the cake, the crumbs that would stick to the pan and those that would stick to the base of the plate. It would be absolute joy for me and my siblings to get to taste those. Something about eating the crumbs was always magical beyond description.

Since last week when you made it for us with Woody, my mother has been in my head... haunting me through your cake. And as I baked this cake today, I thought as if I were saluting my mother and in some way thanking her for all those years of sheer joy that she gifted me and my siblings with.

I cannot wait for Charlie and our house guests to come to the farm tonight so I can cut into the cake and celebrate both my mother and you yet again.



I can also testify to the lusciousness of this cake! Even though measuring by weight is something most people don't do, it is the best way to get uniform results every time. Rose's cooking class last week at the Battenkill Kitchen was packed to the rafters, especially since it is my understanding that Rose does not give cooking classes anymore. Those who attended have Suvir and Charlie to thank for enticing Rose to this area, and for bringing so many wonderful things to us in the north country.
I, for one, am grateful.

rose levy beranbaum

suvir, i am happy to be you NY mother--come to think of it she and i are about the same age! and i'm dying to meet her. but actually i feel like we are more siblings--somehow!
three important points: the gold ring on top of the cake is characteristic of most pans made in fluted tube pans and i think it is attractive--a promise of what waits within.
the heritage eggs are amazing and solved my long time question about whether one can use very fresh eggs for baking as fresh egg whites don't whip well. the answer is that whole eggs work perfectly.
the scale i adore is the myweigh. it is affordable and super accurate and can be programmed to stay on, rather than shutting off in the middle of weighing should one be distracted.
thank you for this most moving posting so beautifully photographed. many bakers can also cook but few cooks can also bake. it's gratifying to know that you are a chef who is also a baker. you are a man of many talents.

Matthew Christensen

The cake looks fantastic, Suvir! I love the image of the unmolded cake, steam (and I'm sure an amazing aroma) escaping from the middle. I will have to order Rose's book! I've been doing some autumn baking here in Turkey - apple pie yesterday - my kitchen is redolent with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves!


Suvir, stunning picture of the cake steaming! Thx for reporting your experience with this awesome cake.

Suvir Saran

Hector - Glad you approve of the steaming photo of the Whipped Cream Cake. It is so delicious yet so simple. Heavenly in taste and ease of preparation. I could sign its praises for years to come.

Suvir Saran

Thanks Matt! Share some images of your Autumn baking please.
How is Turkey? What do the locals think of your creations?
Enjoy your time in Turkey. You are a lucky man.
You will LOVE Rose's book. Glad you are getting it.

Suvir Saran

Sally - thanks for your kind words. I wish Charlie and I could take credit. Credit goes to Rose and all others who so generously came to help the Battenkill Kitchen and bless North Country with their wisdom and talents.

Suvir Saran

Rose - you are my sibling. We are at the very least foreword siblings since our beloved Michael Batterberry wrote both our forewords in one year and I believe we are the only two people to have had this unique blessing. How is that for a sibling connection?

Rose - glad you were OK with that ring on the cake. I remember my mother having them on her cakes. She never worried about them. The cakes always were amazingly delicious and had the best crumb. I was worried that I may have done something wrong. But was not worried enough since I knew you would give me the solution.

I am ready for baking another cake when next at the farm. Thanks for giving me this nudge.

Gael Greene has always been a fan of my baking. She encouraged me to keep cooking, baking and sharing with her high praise. In some ways I owe Michael & Ariane Batterberry and Gael Greene and Steven Richter my work and sweat in the food business. They always made it seem worthwhile. Of course my moms cakes were always a favorite of Gael. She never was shy about eating them, praising them and even asking for them as she missed them. Thanks Gael!

And now you - giving me encouragement even as I nervously work my way through your book. Thanks!


What a dramatic look! I love that cake pan. As for the cake itself, it's one of my favorite non-chocolate recipes from Rose's book so far (I'm part of the bake-along). Glad you got you got to enjoy it. Will you be baking more of Rose's recipes on your own and posting about them?


Suvir Saran

I guess the credit for any drama in the look or feel of this cake goes to Rose.

Yes, that pan is very dramatic.

Will certainly bake more from Rose's books. Will post about them as I do. Wish my life afforded me more time to stay at the farm and bake and cook. Alas, when I do find myself at home and able to cook or bake, I will use her books.

What cakes have you baked? What are your favorites?

Matthew Christensen

My Turkish friends enjoy the creations I make - actually, their particular favorite is your banana bread recipe! I do have some pics of my apple pie (Ina Garten's recipe). I'll include the Flickr link here.

School is in full swing and I find myself teaching IB Film as well as Advanced Prep. The Turks have a delicious quick bread for breakfast which is called simit in most of Turkey but gevrek here in Izmir. it's a bread ring covered in sesame seeds and generally served with a very salty dry cheese. I love it for breakfast. I've just found the recipe so I am going to test it out and see how it tastes home made.

Where did you get the mold for your beautiful cake? I love it!


Suvir, loved reading this post, it's great to see how childhood memories of baking help influence a few of your grown-up activities. I also loved the photo of the steam coming off the cake.

Please say hello and thanks to Charlie from Avery and Julie, we enjoyed the visit to the farm so very much.

Elizabeth Gambee Osborne

Suvir, I baked the whipped cream cake sans a scale (but now I MUST get one) but with the wonderful mold you gave me (thanks to Rose)
. It was by far the best cake I have ever made. I think it will become one of those desserts that you will see alot. Maybe with berries and cream the next time, or chocolate whipped cream....Oh my, the possibilities are endless. Although I love it just plain. It was a treat having Rose here. Thanks for making that happen.



Hi Suvir,

I went to my blog and counted 22 cakes from Rose's Heavenly Cakes. Recently, all of us who are part of the bake-along were asked to submit our top 5 (super hard!). I came up with the following list.
In order:

· Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

· Whipped Cream Cake

· Pumpkin Cheesecake

· Choc Banana Stud Cake

· Rose’s Genoise

The next time I make the Whipped Cream Cake again, I'm thinking of adding freshly ground cardamom. Yum!

Kind regards,


For Matt in Turkey - have you run across a recipe for something called asur? It's a rice pudding-like dish with bulgur, pomegranate seeds, pistachio nuts,
and other nuts/grains that I am told is made at harvest time in Turkey. It is absolutely delicious and I have never been able to find a recipe for it.
Thanks! Sally

Elizabeth Gambee Osborne

A Ha, do we dare alter the recipe?!? Cardamom,indeed.
I just ate my last piece of the whipped cream cake, almost a week later. Still fabulous.

Matt Christensen


I believe I have had it (it's sometimes also called Noah's Pudding) and you're right, it's great! Let me see if I can track down a good recipe for you from one of my Turkish friends.



Hi Matt - the person who used to make it for me was a Greek Cypriot, and I have lost touch with her, unfortunately. Maybe that will help? Thanks!!


Well done Suvir. But I'm not surprised, Rose's recipes (and instruction) are always spot on. Now I'm compelled to purchase her latest book.

I have a lovely recipe for a "Whipped Cream Cake" from my pastry school days. Baked in a tradition cake pan and delicious. I'll have to do a comparison one day.


Terri McCallister

That cake is truly gorgeous--Such a beautiful shape and almost anything with the name"Whipped Cream" in it just HAS to be delicious! I will look for the recipe in "Rose's Heavenly Cakes" !

Terri McCallister

Could one use Mexican Vanilla (white--not the brown) or would that ruin the flavor?


Hi Suvir,

Marie, from The Heavenly Cake Bakers, showed us a picture of the desserts she had at your restaurant. The mango cheesecake looked particularly wonderful. Marie raved abou it. Would you be willing to share the recipe with us? Pretty please? :o)

Kind regards,

Bungalow Barbara

Hello Suvir, what a lovely and moving post!

My favorite childhood baking memories are of the cherry pies my Mom made, using cherries from our own sour cherry tree. We picked, pitted and froze the cherries and had some wonderful pies all through the winter. Even when we were small, we got to help make the "piecrust cookies" from the leftover crust.

The recipe for this cake has been posted on Rose's blog:
but I still encourage everyone to buy the book!

Terri, I'm sure Mexican vanilla (white or brown) would be lovely in this cake.



As I was leaving school today the security guard stopped me to let me know that I had a package from Amazon. It was Rose's Cake book. I'm so excited to try this recipe!

Thanks again for this post and for suggesting this amazing book!


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