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Thursday, December 02, 2010


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rose levy beranbaum

suvir, time to learn how to drive! or would you rather be driven (hahaha!) seriously, living in the country it is so important. I'm one who hates driving on highways, especially because my mind wanders thinking of recipes and other things but driving the back roads is great fun. i wouldn't recommend learning how to fly a plane but a car--you need to add this to your vast repertoire of skills.

Bonnie Johnson

When you are sick, the most important thing you can do is take care of yourself, even if that means ice cream for a meal! And the protein-packed peanuts will help you heal. Just make sure you're drinking lots and lots of water.
Hope you feel better!
-your favoite dietiian :)

Suvir Saran

Rose - I worry that if I learned to drive, I would be driving into every beautiful home, tree, animal, person or plant I notice whilst driving. That would be very scary. I have severe ADD, at least I think so... never been diagnosed, but never been tested either.

Hardly a vast repertoire of skills. If I had that, I would have been making your wonderful Whipped Cream Cake and enjoying that with ice cream, peanuts and cajeta. Now that would have been dreamy. But alas, I am not all that skilled and there was no flour left from Thanksgiving.

Suvir Saran

Hi Bonnie! How is my favorite dietitian doing?
How wonderful hearing from you.
Of course you say the right thing. That is why I have such respect for you.
Glad you approve that it is OK to indulge every now and then.
Drinking tons of fluids I promise. In fact that has been my food almost all day long.
The ice cream was breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had neither appetite nor energy for anything more.
The peanuts were wonderful. They made me feel I was not being too bad.
Sadly, Thanksgiving was groundnut and tree-nut free due to an allergy that Charlie's half-brother has. It was a sad holiday. I love my nuts and so, was always very aware of not adding them into my food. But allergies are a serious issue for those that have to deal with them.

I was mighty proud of Charlie's 12 year old half-brother who told me first mealtime that it was OK to use peanut oil even though he could not eat the nuts. He was fully aware of the cooking peanut oil being without protein and being OK for those with allergies. I was excited to see a 12 year old so aware. Now I wish more of the nation could be like him.

As I began to cook some food (photos to come soon), I ate a couple of fistfuls of peanuts. They are tasty, I feel like I am snacking and yet I also know I am snacking on something wonderful.


Suvir, I hope you're feeling better. When you don't feel good, I say eat whatever makes you feel better.
I had a health scare myself on Wednesday--kismet? freaky coincidence? Strange you speak of allergies-I discovered one I didn't know I had, but luckily drove myself (hence another reason to drive!)in time to an emergency clinic before expiring. Seems on top of that I also caught a freaky flu while my immune system was down. Welcome to Mary's Wacky World. Felt like I was hit by a truck, and then it backed over me for good measure. Much better today (breathing is decidedly a good thing) and glad to still be on the planet to cook another day. Get well!


Hello stranger -
I hope you are feeling better. You don't drive? hmmmm....very interesting.

When I'm under the weather, alone is best for me. My roommate is a terrible nurse and that only makes me feel worse.



Oh no....hope you feel better soon. Are you serious about not knowing how to drive??? Or, you mean not driving in snow? I am puzzled. How about ordering delivery from some of the local restaurants. Eat some soft boiled rice with gur and salt. Might help as well. Feel better soon!

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