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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


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WOW! Literally wow.


I'm the Tom Ellen refers to and I can say she's telling the truth. The menu has opened up and we're both trying new taste adventures together. I'm most thrilled about how excited Ellen has become in the kitchen. She doesn't have to cook. She gets to and loves it. Suvir's encouragement gave her the courage to change. And we're both happy with the results.


Wow, Ellen, thanks for sharing this. What an amazing journey! Kudos to you and the wonderful cookbooks of Suvir Saran which have also changed the way I cook.

katie gorsky

Ellen! I love this! You and my hubby need to talk:). Enjoy that beautiful food processor. I got mine for Christmas last year and don't know how I lived without it:). You'll make magic! Suvir is certainly one of the most generous people I know, both in with his words and actions. His heart is huge. Congratulations on your journey:).

Kathy Gori

I love this!! What an amazing heartfelt story. I'm so happy for you Ellen, you've entered into a wonderful new way of life and eating. Congratulations on all the way you've come and good wishes on the future journey.


What a great account of your personal food journey! I'm very excited about the passion that food can inspire and that you've found a way to nourish yourself ... including your spirit. FABulous!


Jenny, thanks for taking the time to ready my blog--I appreciate it! This journey has certainly had plenty of "wow!" moments :-)


Sally! It is amazing, isn't it? And amazing that facebook can bring wonderful friends to my life! I'm looking forward to many years of cooking and learning from Suvir's cookbooks and yours!


Katie, you're right about the food processor--I love it! I've used it several times already, and marvel at the time it saves. Tom keeps hearing "WOW!" come from the kitchen :-) And you won't get any argument from me about the size of Suvir's heart. That's for sure.


Thank you, Kathy. From the looks of your website, you've inspired quite a few yourself to find the specialness of Indian cooking. I appreciate your encouragement--it means a lot.


Thank you, Valerie! It is wonderful how this discovery is feeding so much more than just my physical body. I'm more confident, more aware, more alive, I think. It IS fabulous!


I've been thinking the last couple of days about this, about how I ate as a child. I ate the way I did because of poverty of time, money, and attention, from a mom who couldn't give me any of those things, but I think many children today eat that way because of their parents' own eating habits, not because of necessity. My brothers and I were ironically fortunate that there wasn't enough food to make us fat--but many children have an unending supply of the very things I ate, and they're paying for it in ways that will do more damage than just stunting their palates.


Tom! Such a saint for putting up with my eating habits for so long :-) How about the next twenty-eight years we eat your way? Sound fair?


Go Ellen Go!
Looking to going to a potluck with you-- Or how 'bout we invite ourselves over to your house for dinner?
Pam in RC


Pam--come on over! I'll cook! I haven't seen Aaron's big brown eyes in too long!


I just loved reading your story. You sound so full of hope from all that has inspired you. Suvir is a gem of a human being with gifts he knows he has and makes good use of them to inspire others. Such a beautiful gift to give and receive. I am delighted to have gotten to know you here and also online. Perhaps we all can meet one day...sooner than later. Bonnie >: )


This is an inspired and inspiring story and journey. Brava.


Hi Bonnie! I am indeed more than blessed with the gifts I've received from this amazing experience. Your friendship is one of those gifts--we'll meet one of these days, I just know it!


Thank you, Jane! I appreciate it--

Jill Frazier

cheese/noodle/cheese/potatoes/cheese/mayonnaise/cheese casseroles, lime jello salads, and cheesy vegetables
SO TRUE about SW Wisconsin! My parents don't even like a little black pepper. "It's too hot." I loved this article. It's more about overcoming and conquering our fears than cooking which I think resonates with a lot of people.


Hi Jill! Yup, I was at another SW Wisconsin get together tonight...predominate color--yellow! Excitement has replaced my fear, and that's something to be really happy about. I appreciate your thoughtful insight. See you at the library!


great comment


What a great testimony and encouragement! Thanks, friend. P.S. We're on our way over to test your latest.......

Wava Peterson

Ellen!! Just found your name and blog. I'm so happy for you and Tom. Hope your "happy cooking" continues. 28 years for you and Tom-- Wonderful !!


Wava--how wonderful to hear from you!! You'll be happy to know I have all my fingers still! They come in handy for cooking! :-) Thanks so much for reading this and commenting--I have to give that Judi a call one of these days!

Jessie Gomez

What a journey! I'd love to go to any potluck with you! (I think my kids would, too).


Thanks, Jessie! I'm so excited you're going to be part of the cooking class in August! We're going to have a blast! Talk about a potluck!

Susan Jardina

Ellen's story is so inspiring. Thank you Ellen.


You're so welcome, Susan. It means a lot to me, and I appreciate your taking the time to read about my story and to comment. Thank you!

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