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Tuesday, January 01, 2013


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Sandy P

Since my daughter saw the DVD "the Mistress of Spices, she (and I) have become fans of Indian cooking, culture, and your books..Tonight, on her own, she made the Goan shrimp, corn salad, a flatbread, and rice pudding with saffron cream. It was a feast for our family! And brings us closer...thank you!

The Mistress of Spices

What a beautiful post! Thanks so much for sharing and for reminding us of the power of food and faith.

Suvir Saran

Sandy - Glad you saw "The Mistress of Spices" and that your daughter and you are enjoying the magical potency of even the simplest of Indian dishes.

Thanks to both of you for your kind words and for indulging your own selves, family, friends and me with this commitment to cook and share.

Here is wishing you the very best for 2013.

Kathy Gori

What an amazing article. Moving, revealing , reminding us how small changes such as what we eat can make big changes in the other parts of our lives. I remember when you wrote about making these changes originally, it sounds like you've had an amazing year in so many ways.

Suvir Saran

Kathy - I was not sure about any of this. I am not one that considers new years resolutions as part of my own life - and so - I have never wasted time on dialog around them with others.

When Ellen said she was changing as she ate her way through the book - I was excited to hear about it. But not even for a moment did I think of it as any reality that I could allow a place in my heart or mind. Just let it come into my space and go away without leaving any mark.

It is credit to Ellen, and Ellen alone - that she worked hard, cooked her way through 100 plus recipes and that she kept in touch and challenged me to speak up on things and to be at her side as she cooked dishes, some of which challenged her beyond being just delicious - being not comforting. Taste is after all very subjective.

She never gave up - She never accepted things just as good because someone else told her to accept them.

She is inspiring to me and I am glad to read that you have enjoyed her last year.... lets hope she continues to enjoy the changes she has made in her own life and that she will come back and share another new year worth of happenings on January 1st of 2014.

I am excited... and I am proud of Ellen, even if I am still not one to buy into resolutions as being fool-proof.


It is time, Ellen, to spend less of your energy reading and editing the work of others and more on creating your own. Write. Tell this story. The elements are there and very, very, real. Passion, hope, change.

Nancie McDermott

I loved reading this and I thank Ellen for writing it and Suvir for posting it here. Amazing, beautiful, inspiring, moving.... All the connections, all the transitions, all the flavors and ingredients and flavors: the essay is a marvellous recipe for awakening and showing up. I loved the image of the pond becoming deeper and its surface moving inward. To 2013!


Sandy, I'm so jealous that you got to eat the rice pudding! That was one of my early failures-I cooked it WAY too long, it wasn't pretty :-) The Goan shrimp and the corn salad are soooooo good! And so great to share such a special meal together!


Ramya, what a gorgeous website you have as Mistress of Spices! I've got it bookmarked! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog--I really appreciate it!


You're right, Kathy, it's been QUITE a year. One I never would have imagined when I wrote last year's blog.

Suvir says he's not big on resolutions, and neither am I. I made promises, not resolutions. There's a big difference for me. A resolution I make to myself would get me nowhere. But a promise made to a friend I respect and trust will give me plenty of motivation and incentive. It didn't take me too long to know that Suvir was that kind of friend.


Woody, that's a big scary step you're talking about. Reading and editing are so much easier. My husband and my brother tell me the same thing as you do. I appreciate your voice added to theirs--


Thank you, Nancie! It certainly has been a year of connection, transition, flavors, and ingredients. To 2013, indeed!

Jeane M.

Hmm I could tel the yummy aroma floating up to here. This will be in my table definitely. :)

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